Tutorial - Bokeh (English)

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Dit is de Engelse versie van de Zo doe ik dat- Bokeh.
This is the English version of Zo doe ik dat -Bokeh.

Bokeh is also called backgroundblur. You have some lights and make them onscharp. The lights will get round and you can give them a shape.

You can make the shape with paper. A dificult way to do that can you read on THIS site. It's a Dutch site, but each step has a picture.

A more easy way is to take a paper and cut the shape out of the paper.
You only need:
- paper
- pen (to draw you shape)
- stenleymes/scissors (to cut your shape)

Hint: Don't make the shape to big, because then the shape of the lights will get less obvious.

What do you have to do:
- Hang up the lights
- Put your camara a few meters from te lights
- Camara on manual focus
- Zoom in as far as possible
- Make the lights onscharp so they get round and big
-  Set the diaphragm as large as possible (small f-number)
- Hold your paper with the shape close to your lens

If you want an object in front of the bokeh-lights make sure you have enough space between the lights and te object so your bokeh gets large.

- Large lights give obscure shapes. Christmas lights are perfect to use!
- Try to zoom in as far as posible, you will get large rounds.
- Try diferent disstances between camara, object and ligths.

 Here are some photo's I made with bokeh: http://senna15.blogspot.nl/2012/12/bokeh.html

Some inspiration photo's (I didn't make this):


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